View Your Security Cameras Online

Above is a screenshot of a security camera system online. It was viewed by going to the URL through internet explorer. It was then expanded to full screen so the GUI and borders are not showing. Most dvrs/nvrs also have software you can install on a specific PC and be viewed my clicking on the program. We can connect your DVR to the internet so you can see what your camera sees when your not there.

If you have an Android or Iphone there is an app to view your cameras as well. You are not actually opening a web browser to view the cameras, instead you download an app and input the IP address and the port of your dvr.

Almost every system we install is hooked up to the router and accessible only to you online. We then open the ports inside your router and network your dvr. We will then download the app on your phone, input the dvr information and show you how to access your cameras from your phone. We set up your dvr on a ddns so that when the ip address of your property changes the ddns follows it. This allows you to always pull up your dvr with the same url, instead of manually finding the current ip address each time to view your system.