How to configure your ActiveX controls on a PC

So your on your computer and you can't see your security cameras? You get to a screen and its blank. Or you know the DVR is networked, online and accessible but it won't show on YOUR computer. This sounds like an configuration issue. Almost every computer can view security cameras online, but you first have to initially configure the internet explorer security settings. IE uses active X and Javascript to display video, but viruses are also commonly written with active x so IE is automatically setup to block active X. You have to go in there and enable it.

This will lower the security settings of internet explorer, so its best to only use IE to view your cameras. Besides on a PC you can ONLY USE IE to see your cameras. Use chrome or firefox to browse the internet.

1. Older versions of Internet explorer. Click on tools at the top of your browser. Newer versions of Internet explorer Or on the top right of the browser click the button that looks like a nut. Newer versions of Internet explorer

2. Select Internet Options.

 security tab image


3. Select the Security tab at the top.

IE Image


4. First uncheck ENABLE PROTECTED MODE and click apply (not shown in image here, this is found on newer versions of internet explorer). Then, go to the privacy tab and uncheck TURN ON POP-UP BLOCKER (not shown in image here) Select custom level to access the ActiveX settings.

Enable each active X button to allow your computer to display your security cameras.


5. Scroll down until you find the option: Download Unsigned ActiveX Controls. Then set it to “Allow”

6. Press OK on all windows to get back out of your internet options. Then press apply, and ok. Then close internet explorer and open it again. You should now be able to install the ActiveX controls.


If you have done all of this and you still can't see your cameras then click the button that looks like a piece of paper cut towards the top. It may auto refresh or you may have to click refresh and or restart internet explorer. If this is done and it still won't display the cameras close internet explorer and right click the Internet explorer button and click run as administrator. Then go to your dvr's ip address. Always use http:// before the ip address.