FAQ’s about Security Camera Systems

Can I access my security camera system on my smartphone/laptop while I'm not on site?

Yes as long as the dvr is networked properly, almost every single type of DVR/NVR can be networked online.

Is my cell phone compatible with my camera system?

If you have an apple or Andriod most likely their is an available application to download on your phone. Blackberrys and Windows smart phones are not typically supported by dvr systems although there are many dvr's that do support them. To be sure ask your security company or the manufacturer if you purchase your own system.




Almost every day people ask me the same question, what’s the difference between the camera system I provide and the camera system that Sams Club or Costco offer? 
These are the differences:

DIY Grade System aka Do It Yourself aka Store Bought System
•    The entire system typically only comes with a 1 year warranty
•    Tech support is not as easily accessible as advertised on the box. Typical wait time can range between 10-30 minutes. Many times you will have to leave a message and they will get back to you later that day or hopefully the next day. 
•    Cameras will corrode outdoors faster
•    Cameras will fail faster
•    The wires included are too short. Each camera usually comes with a 60 ft wire, most camera runs are longer than that. So you would need to purchase additional wire. If you purchase the wire by the spool it will come in 500 ft or 1,000 ft spools. Then you would need the compression or crimping tool to put on the BNC connecter. You will need a wire stripper to strip the 18/2 power cord.  
•    The wires are not shielded. This will leave you open to a greater chance of digital noise on your screen. The wires will deteriorate faster because they are thin and unshielded. 
•    The manual will be outdated and have incorrect model #’s.
•    The nightvision is inadequate.
•    The cameras usually only come in 2.8mm or 3.6mm which is a wide angle and may not be appropriate for your application.

Professional Grade Systems

  • Typically 3 year warranty on dvr and camera. Some manufacturers offer 5 years.
  • Tech support is easier to get a hold of. This may not sound important now, but if you buy the system from them then they provide the tech support for you. If you read reviews about these systems online
  • Cameras will have higher resolution, 550 tvl the minimum, we usually quote systems with 600 tvl, and 700tvl is the next step up
  • Cameras will typically last longer in outdoor settings
  • When we put together a system we have spools of ul listed wire, it is of much higher quality then the wire that comes with a premade system
  • The nightvision will be stronger