Home Security Systems

Have a professional come to your home and determine your security needs. Burglar alarm system, security cameras and access control can all be integrated together with open-platform software or can be setup indepentant of each other.
Have over 50 sensors
Upgrade your alarm system
Today's alarm systems have the ability to integrate with many peripheral devices thus enhancing and provide more options for your system.
Cellular Transmission- Days of worrying if the phone lines get cut are gone. Todays alarm systems have many different means of transmitting the singal. This can be your main method to transmit the signal or can be set as a back up or secondary method.
Back up Batteries- If your electricity goes out you should have at least a few hours of transmitting capabilities even after the power goes off.
Arm/Disarm from your smart phone compatible device
Integrate a security camera into your alarm system and see the camera on your smartphone from the same app for you alarm system.
Key Fob to arm/disarm
Panic button for bedroom
Outdoor Motion Sensor or photo electric beam