Security Camera Systems for Hotels in NJ

A security camera system for hotels needs to be a few things. It needs to be expandable, have high resolution and high storage capabilities. When installing security cameras at a hotel you need to make sure you have to correct wire. If one of the camera runs are over 480 ft then you are going to want to use rg-6 wire instead of rg-59. If you are using IP cameras then you will already be using cat 5 which will work for runs over 480 ft.

When you are a hotel manager or an owner there are a lot of things going on at once. You need to be able see what happened 2 weeks ago or 1 month ago. You never know when a lawsuit is going to pop up from previous customers that stayed at your hotel. Off site video storage is a good option to add onto your security camera system. Off site video storage is when you pay a monthly fee to have a certain amount of your recorded video stored at an off site location. There are many benefits to off-site video storage. If you DVR gets stolen or damaged the video is still being recorded at a completely separate location. This is a priceless feature to have when it is needed, but you won't realize the need until the situation comes up and then you wish you had it. The situation is similar to a small business that has a few employees but doesn't want to spend the extra money for a security camera system. These business owners usually wait until something bad has happened until they spring into action, by this time damage is already done and it has went unrecorded.