Information About New Security Technology for Businesses

A Missouri hospital bulit a new parking lot and needed to implement new security technology. They hired a security company that uses IP security cameras and expanded their exisiting security camera system. The security company called Netwatch implemented Axis PTZ Cameras and HD quality IP cameras. They needed to be able identify faces if criminal activity had occured.

The hospital had some analog cameras as well. So what they did was put video encoders on the older analog cameras to be able to incorporate them into their new security system.

The hospital also implemented the new security technology of Onssi's Ocularis NetDVMS recorder with Ocularis Client Lite VMS to centralize viewing of the cameras.

Their problem: They needed to constantly protect over 2.3 million square feet of property. They couldn't financial hire enough people to cover that area.

Their solution: Implemented Axis Network Cameras & IP Camera System with video anyalitcs