Industrial Security Camera Installation

industrial security camera applications NJ

When we speak about industrial security camera applications we are talking about warehouses, government security camera installations and major commercial security installations.

We are equipped and licensed to perform all types of security camera installation in NJ. We can install security cameras in schools, buildings, township applications and other areas of security. We not only setup and install security cameras; we also integrate video intercoms, burglar alarms and security systems.

Different Areas of Security

Security for Schools- We install security cameras and security solutions in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, private schools, catholic schools, Jewish schools, community colleges, state university's and other schools that require professional security applications.

Schools generally require an entire command center that has controls for motion detectors, alarm systems and security cameras, metal detectors and various other security needs. We are able to tie in all systems and allow them to perform on one platform. Most schools are not looking to implement IP based camera systems over analog. An IP based system offers higher resolution, video analytics, more storage capabilities and many other benefits.

Security for Government Agencies- We setup and install integrated security solutions for municipal county courts, county buildings, county parks and other New Jersey government needs.

Security for Commercial Applications- We provide security camera installation for businesses in NJ ranging from Offices, buildings, parking lots, banks, doctors offices, convenient stores, restaurants, medical clinics, universities, libraries, warehouses, distribution warehouses, hotels and other NJ commercial security areas.

Ask us about financing options for security camera systems for businesses in NJ.