Security Camera Definitions

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Electricity Definitions

mA- Commonly called milliamps, is the measure of electric power consumption.

1 Amp (A)= 1000 (mA) milliamps

AC- Commonly called alternating current electricity.

AC/DC- is the ability to change from AC (alternating current) to DC (direct current). A transformer is used to regulate the current when changing from AC to DC.

AC to DC. To convert DC to AC you can use a power inverter.

A-Commonly called amps. Amps are used to measure electricity consumption. 1 A =1,000 mA

Analog- is an electrical signal that transfers data. The data that is transferred through an analog signal varies continuously.

DC- is direct current electricity. Can be easily plugged into a normal wall outlet using a regulated ac/dc transformer. DC flows in only one direction within a circuit and requires the correct +/- polarity.

Surveillance Camera Functions

AGC- Commonly called Automatic Gain Control. AGC is a circuit on the camera that regulates the brightness of an image to receive high quality video and promote the best performance of the security camera.

ALC- Commonly called Automatic Light Control. ALC is the image sensors ability to automatically adjust to different lighting conditions to receive the best video quality.

Auto-Iris Lens- is a lens that automatically controls the lens for the best quality of video under different & changing lighting.

BNC-commonly called a bnc connector is on the ends of most security cameras. The BNC hooks into the back of DVR's & other devices. BNC plugs can be connected to RCA connectors using an RCA adaptor.

BLC- commonly called Back Lighting Compensation. BLC is the image sensors ability to adjust automatically when lighting comes from behind the camera. Its ability to adjust will be one of the determining factors in delivering the highest quality video.

CCD- commonly called Charge Coupled Device. CCD is an image sensor that is used in security cameras.

CMOS- commonly called Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor. This is the other type of image sensor used in security cameras. CMOS is an older technology. CCD generally provides a better picture.

Coaxial Cable- commonly called RG-59 cable, typically has a BNC type plug ends. These cables are generally used for transmitting video. It is a copper wire and usually the higher % of copper that is in the wire makes it a higher grade.

Digital Video Recorder- commonly called a DVR. A digital video recorder records video onto a hard drive within the unit. When it records video it converts the analog video into a digital format.

DVR Card- is usually hardware or wires that connect from your home computer to your wired cameras. The card will make the video record onto your computer's hard drive. A DVR card is inexpensive choice to record video from your security cameras.