These are Home Security Tips

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It is always a good idea to constantly make daily use of these home security tips. We have many home security products that can create sirens when someone shakes a door or enters a door.

1. Installing a fence around the perimeter of your house provides another means of criminal deterrence. If you do not want a fence around your house then installing a fence for your backyard helps too.
2. Make sure the appearance of your home gives off the impression that someone is always home. 
3. You should always keep your storage units, sheds & outhouses locked at all times. A burglar can get into them and use the tools inside to break into your home. Out door motion sensors are availble for outdoor use. Ask us about outdoor wireless motion's to add onto your exisiting or new alarm system. 
4. Do not keep any ladders or anything tall on the outside of your home that a burglar can use to gain entry to your home.
5. When purchasing shrubs or other structures for the outside of your home, try not to place them in a position when an intruder may be able to hide.
6. You should post a few surveillance or security signs around the perimeter of your house, invest in a security camera system and/or a burglar alarm system Having little noticeable signs that say you do have a security system is a good idea. Signs should say “Beware of Dog” or “24/7 Surveillance system in Use” or things of that nature.
7. Motion sensors for exterior garage lighting can be useful, because it will allow you to see if anyone is coming.
8. Always take your keys out of your car when you’re not in it, even if your car is parked in your driveway.
9. Have your outside & entry doors properly light at night. A properly light backyard and front yard creates a powerful presence which could deter a burglar from choosing your house and going to the next. 

These are Home Security tips for the inside of your home

1. Install new key locks after you move into your new home.
2. Keep your shades or blinds closed when you are not going to be home.
3. If you cannot see outside your front door always ask who it is before allowing anyone into your home.
4. Purchase a Door Brace if you have any sliding doors, windows or regular doors. This may buy you en extra minute or two if someone is trying to break in or it may stop a burglar from gaining access to your home.
5. Have a few stickers on the windows stating “alarm system in use”.
6. Always check your windows and doors to make sure they are locked while your home and while you’re not home.