View Your Security Cameras on Your Smart Phone

Do you own a smart phone and want to see what your security cameras see at your commercial location? We are in the age of technology where that is possible. Not all smart phones or security DVR's have this capability to do this. To be able to view your cameras on your phone you need to have the right phone that has the app that can view the cameras and at the same time your DVR needs to be compatible to your specific smart phone.

If you smart phone doesn't have the correct app you still may be able to view the cameras by simply going to the website to view them. Go to the same website on phone that you would have wen to on your computer to see your cameras video footage.

How does this work?

The phones actually accesses the DVR, not the specific cameras themselves to view the live or past recorded video. If you have IP cameras then you may be able to link your phone directly to the IP camera itself. Most of the applications for the smart phones that access your security camera system have a small fee. They are usually worth it, to be able to view how your business is operating from your iphone or android phone is a great visual security feature to have.

Does viewing my security camera system from my phone interrupt any recording on the system?

No, when you are viewing your business or home through your phone the security camera system will still record.


This is a snap shot taken from a Android phone and then emailed to us. It looks smaller when your actually viewing your cameras from your phone but this is a snapshot taken while viewing video live.