Our Central Station has:
• CSAA 5 Diamond Central Station
• UL Certified
• Have been in business since 1973
• All central station telephone lines are recorded to assure quality service
• All alarm monitoring customer information is securely stored in 4 live redundant and continuously updated file servers

They use state of the art receiving equipment:
• Sur-Gard ® SG System IV
• Sur-Gard ® SG System III
• ITI CS-4000
• Eagle Security 2100
• The roof is affixed to 16-inch concrete walls with steel beams and cables.
Our central station has:
• Two 47 KW generators and 2,000 gallons of underground fuel to prevent power outages.
• Phone lines are securely buried all the way to the phone company’s central office.
• All operators are CSAA certified.

They are a member of:
• Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA)
• Electronic Security Association (ESA)
• UL Certified Central Station