Information About DVR Resolution

DVR’s for surveillance systems have the ability to record in different resolution. CIF resolution stands for Common Intermediate Format. It is the lowest resolution for DVR systems. If you have an analog system you would want to record at least 7-10 fps at D1 resolution. Today's dvrs can record a wider variety of resolutions, in the previous years 720x480 was considered high resolution. There are many security companies that consider 700 tvl to be high resolution. One reason for this is because the manufacturers called it this. To get a good image today you want high definition cameras aka HD cameras. A dvr today can record a 2mp camera with the use of HD over coax. This technology was introduced into the market in approximately 2011-2012. Before that you needed to use an IP camera to get hd video. 

These are the standard Video Resolutions of the industry:

  • CIF has resolution of 352x288 or 360x240
  • 2CIF has resolution of 720 x 240
  • VGA is               640x480
  • 4CIF aka D1       720x480
  • 960


Camera Resolution

Analog Cameras

  • 550 TVL
  • 600 TVL
  • 700 TVL
  • 1000 TVL

IP Cameras

  • 1.3MP Cameras 1280x1024
  • 2 MP Cameras  1600x 1200
  • 3 MP Cameras  2048x 1536
  • 4 MP
  • 5 MP Cameras  2560x 1920
  • 6 MP and up to 20 MP

After your dvr is installed:7

You can configure it for optimal recording based upon your needs. If you are only getting 2 weeks and recording 24/7 at 15 fps you may want to lower it to 10 fps. This will allow you to get more recording time. You can also set to motion recording, this will give you more than triple the amount of recording time. Keep in mind a 2MP camera will eat up 4x more storage space than a 700 TVL camera. 

Keep in mind that most DVR’s display video in D1 or 4CIF(720x480) but they often are recording in a lower resolution. The higher the recording resolution of your DVR the more expensive it will be. All DVR’s have the ability to set what resolution you want to record at. If you are recording your driveway and want to see a car pull up you only need CIF  recording (360x240). If you want to clearly see a persons face that is getting out of the car you will want your DVR or NVR to record at a higher resolution. If its an analog camera that you want to see a persons face you will mostly likely need a 10mm, 12mm or a 22mm camera, depending on the distance of the car from the camera.

Make Your DVR Last Longer:

  • Plug your dvr and camera system into a surge protector with enough joules.
  • If its a PC Based NVR or DVR open it up every 6 months and blow out the dust. ( Call a service professional if you need assistance, may void warranty)
  • Update the firmware