Geovision Advanced Analytics

Geovision offers a full suite of advanced video analytics. They analytics are listed below.

  • Face Detection
  • Single PTZ Tracking
  • Focus Change Alarm
  • Object Tracking in Fisheye Live View
  • Object Tracking and Zooming
  • Tampering Alarm
  • People Counting- This feature will count each person that walks in and out of each camera.
  • Camera Shift Alarm- If someone moves the camera an alarm will notify you. This is a great feature for cameras that are mounted low or accessible from a 6 ft ladder.
  • Missing Object Detection- You can draw a box around an object on each individual camera screen. So lets say the object is a safe, you draw a box around in the missing object detection screen, then when someone moves that safe the nvr will trigger an alarm to notify you.
  • Advanced Scene Change Detection- If part of the lens or camera was spraypainted then you can set it to send you an alarm.
  • Video Stabilization-