IP Cameras are the Future

Ip cameras are the wave of the future. While approximately 60% of the market for security cameras is still using analog cameras, users that want exceptional video quality chose Ip cameras also called network cameras.

Analog cameras generally go up to 640x480 resolution. Ip cameras generally start at that resolution and go up. With these new cameras you have the ability to zoom in without losing resolution or the image getting over pixelated. Businesses in NJ will benefit greatly from increased video resolution from the use of these new IP cameras.

While there are many manufacturers of IP cameras there are a few that are top quality and preferred among security installers in NJ. Basler has amazing low light IP cameras. Panasonic is known across the industry for having top of the line IP security cameras. To sell or install Panasonic Ip cameras you must be Panasonic certified. Sony makes most of the lens for all of the security cameras produced throughout the world. Sony has great network cameras as well.

The downside of IP cameras is that they are costly, which is why they are generally used for commercial applications. In the past IP camera systems have fell out of budget for traditional residential camera system but it has become more reasonably priced over the years because of the ever advancing technology. Geovision IP cameras offer great quality and cost effectiveness all in one.