Businesses and Security Systems

Security systems can be invaluable to businesses, providing round the clock protection from all types of crime, be it external or internal.  But with a business security system comes responsibility, the responsibility to maintain and properly use this system.  Here are a few tips for businesses regarding security systems.


Make sure that ALL employees, not just those who are working most often, are trained in how to properly use the system.  Untrained employees can lead to many false alarms which can end up costing your business hundreds if not thousands of dollars.  Ask your security company for written instructions on how to use your security system, and post this where employees, and only employees, can see this.


If you have cleaners who are not part of your business, make sure to keep track of the times they are at your business.  Let your security company know this, so in the event that an alarm is triggered at this time the monitoring company has more information about the situation.

Ensure that there are no items that could possibly set off sensors.  Objects that move can easily cause a false alarm, and a police dispatch to your business for nothing.  Any object that could possible move in range of a sensor should be either removed from that setting or made to not move.  Similarly, large gusts of air can also set off sensors.  If they don’t need to be open, close windows on a windy day, and make sure that any powerful fans are not in the vicinity of your alarms.


Talk with your security provider whether sensors that are designed to not detect mice, rodents, cats, bugs, etc are necessary.  Even if you don’t think they are, your security provider might notice some small details that could require one, and save you the hassle and money of future false alarms.


Security cameras can be used for more than just detecting external crimes against your business.  They can be used to monitor employee performance, as well as prevent employees from stealing from your business.  They are a great tool to improve many aspects of your business, not only on the security side of things.