Not Convinced Yet?

If after all the other articles, and all the reasons why a security system is right for your business, you are still not convinced, here are some real life examples of businesses that are using their systems for security, and much more.

Strathmore Bagels uses their security system to make sure that employees and transactions are occurring as they should be.  Since their employees don’t clock in or out, if there is a dispute, the management has footage of when the employee arrived and left with a time stamp so they can quickly and easily resolve the situation.  If a customer disputes an order, or a payment, the security footage is there to see what really happened. The system winds up paying for itself over and over again rather quickly. 

Plato’s Closet, located in Des Moines, Iowa, uses their security system in a more traditional manner.  Since their store is mostly aimed at selling to the younger generations, they often face theft and fencing.  Customers might rip the tags off a set of shoes and replace those tags with a set that has a lower price, essentially attempting to pay a significant amount less for a more expensive pair of shoes.  The thief hopes the employee at the cash register doesn’t notice.  If there’s any suspicion, the employee can call the manager to review the security footage, and catch the thief red handed.

Redamak’s Tavern in Buffalo, Michigan has been family owned and operated since 1975.  Being that it's a relatively small restaurant, a single high level lawsuit could do serious damage to both their reputation and their finances.  That’s why they installed a security camera system containing nearly 30 surveillance cameras to make sure that there was no bogus behavior going on inside their restaurant.  And it paid off.  There was a claim of a slip and fall, essentially accusing the restaurant of negligence.  In the security tapes, you can see the customer stand up, and then suddenly disappear from the camera’s view.  “After watching the video,” says general manager Chuck Maroney, “it was clear that the fall was bogus.”  Though it cost the business $5000 in legal fees to resolve, that is a much better option than a $50,000 payout without the footage from the security cameras.

To sum things up, a business security system is there to have your back.  For the times when you can’t have eyes at every place at every time, when a customer disputes something, when an employee complains, the system is there to show you what really went on.