How to Choose the Right Alarm System

Choosing a system to protect your home and your loved ones from crime and burglars isn’t a light decision.  The right system with the right components tied to the right company needs to be available so that you can get the maximum possible security out of your system.  Many people go with the option of a full system, alarms, sensors, cameras and more.  But that’s not always the most optimal solution.  Not everyone needs cameras installed, and not everyone is looking to get cameras installed.  Sometimes the best solution is a simple solution.

        The simple solution in this case is an alarm system.  Alarm systems are not extremely complicated, but making sure that you get the right components for what you need can be tricky.  The main components to an alarm system are the sensors, the alarm itself, and the control panel.

  • There are various types of sensors that are available to be installed with your alarm system.  These include motion detectors, window sensors, and door sensors.  Window sensors are something that everyone installing an alarm system should include.  Windows are one of the most popular break-in entrances for criminals.  Smash the glass and climb through.  But this whole scenario changes when a window alarm is brought into play.  Window alarms typically either sense movement through the window, breaking of the window’s glass, or both.  Door sensors are another type of sensor that everyone installing an alarm system should get.  We’ve all seen the movies where the bad guy simply picks the lock and enters.  When the alarm system is enabled, a door sensor is setup to trigger the alarm when the door is opened, and is sure to give the person targeting your home or business second thoughts.  The last sensor that is popular with alarm systems is a motion detector.  These are great for interior protection, if you want to detect movement inside your house or outside as well.  Several types of motion sensors can be setup so that animals such as pets will not trigger them.
  • The alarm itself is the heart of the alarm system.  When choosing an alarm system, look for one that can notify as many people as possible, be it by sheer noise or by communication with authorities.  These alarms are extremely effective in catching and deterring criminals.
  • If the alarm is the heart of the system, then the control panel is the brain.  When buying an alarm system, there are several things to consider.  The ability to quickly arm a system is handy when you’re running short on time.  Dedicated two way audio can be handy if you are unable to make it to a phone and need to call for help.  A panic button is something that should be looked at as an instant way to get help if something goes wrong.  The ability to check the status of the system at a glance is also helpful to have.  If you’re the kind of person who likes to always be on top of things, remote access to your system might be something you want to consider, be it via internet of a smartphone app.  An app for your smartphone can do a great many of the essentials that he control panel can, and all from wherever you are on your smart phone.