Using Security Cameras To Improve Business Operations


A study recently released by Eagle Eye Networks, a cloud based VMs provider, found that more than two thirds of companies are planning on using security systems for more than just security.  The report detailed that these companies wanted to take the uses of security surveillance systems beyond their typical means, and use them to improve their operations in areas such as IT, management, and customer relations.


    Security cameras are a great way to deter crime and raise a company’s overall security, but they can be used for much more than that purpose.  Many companies are taking these security videos, and instead of letting them sit in the back room until a problem arises, are analyzing them to see what they can do better.  Two areas that companies who participated in this study said they would be using the videos to improve upon were “improving sales or customer service” and “managing general employee productivity”.  Among others companies wanted to improve in “analyzing customer behaviour/patterns”, “reducing injury and risk”, and increasing “compliance with process or work hours”.  The number of businesses looking to use security camera’s to improve in these areas was more than double the number who planned to use their systems solely for security and protection.


    In the past, using cameras and the videos they provide hasn’t been an efficient and clean way of improving a business in the aforementioned areas. But now with new technology and improved cameras, the inefficiency has been lessened to a great degree. “There has always been a strong desire to use it, but it was too hard. I was talking to someone last week, and they have a whole set of cameras to do security, but they’re basically installing a new set of cameras to do [customer] traffic patterns. That’s just silly,” said Dean Drako, President and CEO of Eagle Eye.  Using those security cameras to improve business while maintaining a secure and safe premise is fast becoming an extremely useful trend, and is a much better option for businesses looking to improve in many areas.