Top Eight Reasons to Own a Home Security System:


To protect your home. The most obvious reason to have a home security system, as they do wonders in protecting your valuables and home from would be criminals and burglars. Home security systems have been shown to decrease crime in residential areas drastically.


Allows you to access your home from elsewhere. Many security systems come with an app or software that allows you to see what your security cameras are seeing at all times of the day. On vacation? No problem, your cameras are keeping an eye on your property and reporting back to you.


Automated response. If door or window alarm is tripped, most home security systems are set up to notify the proper authorities that there is something wrong at your home. This adds another layer of security, ensuring that if a crisis occurs, the authorities are notified and can immediately come help.


Motion Sensors. While alerting the authorities that a crime is taking place is good, motion sensors can be set up to trigger silent alarms before the perpetrator has even reached your house. Setting these up at key points on your property allows you to monitor and keep safe everywhere, not just your home.


Additional gas leak and fire protection. Many security systems nowadays are set up to trigger a special alarm if a gas leak, fire, etc is detected. These are situations that, with no security system, might get out of control before it is realized that something has happened. If you aren't home and a gas leak breaks out, who is going to be there to stop it? A security system has the ability to let the alarm company know whats going on and they can react accordingly.


Safety in the Neighborhood. Having a security system in your home not only benefits you, but also your neighbors and your neighborhood as a whole. If there is an intruder on your property, your security system will detect this, and sound the alarm, notifying both the proper authorities and those living around you that something bad is happening.


Lower Homeowners Insurance. Insurance companies know that good security systems work. This is why they're usually willing to lower rates (sometimes by more than 15%!) on homeowners insurance for those people who have home security systems installed.


Peace of Mind. Just knowing that your house, family, and valuables are being protected by one of the best home security systems on the market lets you worry less about whats happening at home and focus more on important activities elsewhere.