How To Choose the Right Security System

Security systems are a great investment nowadays, for both homeowners and business owners.  They provide great protection from potential criminals, as well as allowing you to monitor what is going in at your home/business.  But what system actually suits your needs best?  Here are a few tips to consider when looking for a security system.


Plan Ahead.  Sit down with people important to you (family, coworkers, etc) and ask their opinions on what they think is the least secure part of your home/business. Getting other people’s points of view on this issue is great, as they might bring up a point that you hadn’t thought of.


Keep a List.  Keep a list of what you think your home/business needs security wise.  Make sure it is specific.  Having a list that is extremely general will only serve to get you the wrong kind of security.  If your business really needs outdoor security cameras, but your list only has general items like “need to stop graffiti”, that doesn’t really help.  Something better to be able to bring to a security company would be “need to be aware of when a vagrant is vandalizing the walls of my building”.  This tells the company installing the system that you want to be aware of what is happening around you, and it gives them specific places to focus regarding that awareness.


Do some research.  Look into the types of crimes that occur most often in your area.  If breaking and entering is more common than other crimes, then maybe an alarm system for doors and windows is appropriate.  If vandalism of property is more common, then perhaps outdoor motion sensors or cameras would be better suited.


Discuss the level of technological infrastructure you want to come with your system.  Many security systems nowadays allow you to remotely access almost anything in your home/business.  They may come with apps that allow you to see in real time what your cameras are seeing, or control the lights thereby saving electricity, or enable/disable a certain alarm if an employee needs access at an odd time.  Security systems can be as integrated or non-integrated with your home as you want.


Once you’ve decided what system you want, and its installed in your house, make sure you test it thoroughly to make sure it works to your satisfaction.  You should also inquire as to maintenance of the system, how often to change batteries, what to do if a false alarm goes off.