Changing to Substream in the newer vision of NVMS7000  V2.3.0.50 Build20150203_016

This is an article about how to change the stream aka video quality from main stream to substream on NVMS7000 on your computer (PC).

Follow these steps:

  1. Turn on NVMS7000
  2. Click the control panel tab at top
  3. Click system configuration tab on bottom
  4. Click the word "image" on the left side
  5. Uncheck auto change video stream then click save.
  6. Then go back to where you view video, its called the "main view " tab 
  7. Right click the manila folder on bottom left and click set sub stream to all
  8. Then a box will come up in bottom right hand corner that says " saving completed click again to get stream"
  9. Now click your manila folder again and the stream will be at low resolution and will stream to your computer better.

NVMS7000 Tips:

  • The Manila folder refer's to your dvr/nvr. Once you double click the Manila folder it should load all your cameras on the screen. If you click it once it will drop down and show all the cameras on your dvr/nvr. You can then load one camera at a time by click on that specific camera. 
  • The Manila folder is usually named after the location, example: Peter's Office Cameras.
  • The older version of NVMS7000 is v2,00.11.50 Build20140729_73.
  • To find out which version of NVMS7000 you have go into nvms7000 on your computer. Click help, then click about.  
  • NVMS7000 is the software that can be installed on a pc or mac. It is the software used for LTS or Hikvision dvr's/nvr's.

 How to change to substream in the older version of NVMS7000 is v2,00.11.50 Build20140729_73

  1. Right click the manila folder 
  2. Click substream 
  3. Double click manila folder

This was written 11-14-2015