Outsource your CCTV Installations to us

Do you have too many security camera installations to handle? We are the perfect outsourcing solution. We currently perform subcontract work for multiple security companies. Our wide range of technicians are equipped to handle your installation. We cover most of NJ. If you have a job your looking to outsource, give us a call, we can check our schedule and let you know when we can perform your job.

If you have consistent work we will work at a rate for you. If its just one job the installation price will be closer to retail pricing.

Choose What to Outsource

If you have a job, all the parts and are just looking for installation we can perform that for you. BNC, female pigtails, male pigtails, corrugated plastic, pvc piping and other accessories can be provided at an additional cost if not supplied.

Refer us to a job that you don't want to perform and we will send you a finders fee. We can supply the products & the installation if you are not able to fit a certain job into your schedule.

If you just need another hand on an installation give us a call to see what techs are available.

What Jobs can we Handle

We can perform security camera installations, alarm system installs, security camera service calls, hanging tv's, home theater setups and other jobs as well. Call for a more complete list.

Why choose Official Security Systems for your Outsource Work

We will treat your clients as if they were our own, but your clients will remain your clients. We do not steal clients nor would we offer our services to your clients. We believe in long term business relationships and doing the right thing by our business associates/partners.

Our installs are clean and performed efficiently. We show up on time, ready to work, and representing the best interests of your firm.