Security Camera Packages

These packages are put together by us. They are not premade kits coming from a big box store.They include installation for Monmouth County NJ & Hudson County NJ.

Exact pricing can vary depending on each site individually.

  • Distance of each camera run.
  • If there needs to be a separate run from the dvr/nvr to the router or modem.
  • If you want the dvr/nvr to be hooked into another monitor located in another room or hooked into multiple monitors throughout your property.

**Ask about having a security monitor in each room of your home.


This is what comes standard every time you deal with Official Security Systems.

  • Quality service- Neat installation by licensed, bonded & insured professional. We pick up the phone on weekends & nights. We'll send references on our quotes.
  • Training session on each newly installed system- We will demonstrate how to view live video, view past recorded video and how to save an event or a video file. We provide phone support after as well.
  • We will setup the dvr on your computer and smartphone compatible device.
  • Installation by a licensed, bonded & insured company, we have an A rating with the Better Business Bureau as well as certified from many security manufacturers as well. Not to mention the fact that we actually care about all of clients. We grow our business through customer satisfaction and referrals. If you have a system issue don't be afraid to call our toll free #, we are here to help.
  • No hassle setup- When we are finished you won't have to write down any logins, passwords, DDNS info, IP info or anything else. We email you your dvr login info along with important network information. Our detailed instructions will also show you how do download the app & setup on your additional smartphones/tablet devices.
  • We include service agreements on every job.

Security Camera Package #1

2 Geovision IP Cameras & NVR Lite V2

This is our most popular security camera package in NJ. This system is for people who want clear picture & advanced functionality.

This security camera system uses an NVR Lite Version 2 from Geovision and two Outdoor 1.3 Mega Pixel Cameras. These outdoor IP cameras have IR Led's for night vision, they are IK10+ rated for vandal resistance and IP66 weather rated.


  • (1) NVR Lite version 2 w/ 1 tb hard drive, 4 usb ports, hdmi and vga outputs- can hold up to 16 IP cameras
  • (2) 1.3 Mega Pixel Dome Cameras
  • (2) Transformer Power Supplies
  • 500ft of UL Listed Cat 5 Cables  (upgrade to Cat 6)
  • (1) 17" LED CCTV
  • (1) Pack of Misc Accessories

Security Camera Package #2

Security Camera System w/ 2 "Industry's Best Analog" Security Cameras

This Security Camera system has a Nuvico AL Series DVR & two high performance Panasonic Security Cameras. These security cameras are state of the art in the analog industry. Many experts within the CCTV business would state these Panasonic Box Security Cameras are among the best made. The advanced features of these cameras make them clearly distinguishable from the average security cameras. 
We included two Computar-Ganz Vari-focal Lenses. Ganz is known for making exceptional lenses.

(1) 4 Ch Nuvico DVR AL Series w/DVD burner & 500 GB HD Recording 120FPS @ at D1 Resolution
(2) Panasonic Hi-Res Super Dynamic 5 Day/ Night Camera w/650 TV Lines, I-VMD, Auto-Back Focus & Auto Image Stabilizer
(2) Camera Mounts & Camera Enclosures
(2) Computar-Ganz Vari-focal Lenses
(1) 4 Ch Power Supply 24VAC, 200VA

(1) 500ft Spool of UL Listed RG-59 Cables
(1) 17" LCD CCTV
(1) Pack of BNC Connecters

(No Travel Fee for this System, Free Upgrade to Compression BNC Connecters)


Security Camera Package #3

Basic Night Vision Camera System with Four Cameras

This security camera system package is our "Brand Name Package". This includes name brand, night vision security cameras & a name brand DVR. The price includes installation within Monmouth County NJ and Hudson County NJ.

This DVR has a 500 GB HD & a DVD Burner included. The DVR has an amazing three year warranty. The security cameras are made by Nuvico. Each camera is equipped with nightvision, 600 TV Lines of color resolution, weatherproof & 23 IR LED's. These cameras run on a 12VDC power supply and they are 2.9mm fixed cameras.

  1. Four(4) Fixed Nuvico Security Cameras w/600 TV Lines & 23 IR LED's
  2. One(1) Everfocus DVR with 500 GB HD & a DVD Burner
  3. Four(4) 60' Ft Siamese Cables for hook-up to security camera & power source
  4. One(1) 17" LCD
  5. Four(4) 1.25 Amp Transformer Power Supply
  6. One(1) VGA Cable for LCD Monitor

Security Camera Package #4

Long Range Night Vision Vari-focal Camera Package with 4 Cameras

The difference between this and package 3 is that this package has upgraded vari-focal cameras that see further at night. These cameras have the ability to view two angles. It is adjustable from the camera itself. The DVR is upgraded with more frames per second for each security camera & higher recording resolution. This package also has an upgraded 19" LCD.

  1. Four(4) Vari-focal Nuvico Security Cameras w/ 600 TV Lines & 36 IR LED's
  2. One(1)  Everfocus DVR with 500 GB HD & a DVD Burner (dvd burner optional)
  3. Four(4) 120' Ft Siamese Cables for hook-up to security camera & power source
  4. One(1) 19" LCD
  5. One(1) Power Supply Box w/ ability to replace glass fuses
  6. One(1) VGA Cable for LCD Monitor

Beware of purchasing a camera system online from an unauthorized distributor. Many e-commerce sites sell security grade equipment below msrp, which results in the manufacturer not honoring any warranty because of a purchase from an unauthorized distributor. Your warranty in the product would then reside with the e-commerce site you purchased from. In most cases they won't even provide tech support.

We are a certified dealer of Everfocus security equipment.


Our security camera system packages can be upgraded and/or add onto.

  • Add on 1 TB, 2 TB, as much is desired
  • Add a dvr lock box & secure box to wall or floor to reduce dvr theft
  • Add longer cables
  • Add on upgraded security cameras
  • Add on upgraded RG6 Cable
  • Add on upgraded RG 59 Cable
  • Add on off-site video monitoring
  • Add on an alarm system
  • Add a monitor mounted on the wall