Security Camera Use in Theaters

We all know art has value but for some people the price tag is a bit more concrete. Every year theaters in New Jersey play host to hundreds of artists, entertainers and performers. Some of these venues also produce their own events, plays, and concerts.

Security systems have become a sound investment that allow a theater to operate while protecting the sometimes millions of dollars that cross in and out of their doors every day. Most acts travel with some level of equipment, be it sound, instruments, props, costumes, or personal belongings. For theaters that produce they may have warehouses and workshops housing thousands of dollars worth of equipment of their own. So how can a venue make sure that all their bases are covered?

There are many camera options for theaters to choose from but two factors that seem to top request lists are “Good picture quality” and “low lighting options.” Canon USA megapixel security offers a wide array of cameras that meet those needs and more. The VB-M600D is an indoor dome camera while the VB-M700F is a box style of camera. Both take high quality pictures while not drawing attention to themselves. For added security the VB-M40 PTZ camera is an option able to be mounted outside of a theater for wide-angle street views. The VB-M40 PTZ also has a high quality built-in 20x zoom lens. A mix of indoor and outdoor cameras can give the theater the big picture of what’s going on at all times not only in protecting the property but also allow them to check in on the conditions of the performers and the audience. All Canon megapixel IP security cameras work together as one network for added effectiveness and ease.

Protecting a theater is a unique challenge during show time. Most of the magic that happens backstage happens close to darkness. Canon optical zoom lenses, including the 1.3-megapixel high-sensitivity CMOS image sensor, and the sophisticated Canon DIGIC NET image processor, are excellent for low-light performance. A Smart Shade Control feature automatically adjusts the contrast between bright and dark areas of the image to enhance the picture and a special night mode option provides increased low-light sensitivity over the standard recording mode. Meaning even after the show is over and the lights are turned out for the evening the Canon rolls on and capture incredibly high quality images.

An added bonus of the Canon megapixel IP series is full video analytics. This can detect abandoned, moving and removed objects. The sensitivity, duration and area of the recording is totally user controlled and can also be set to trigger alarms if they fall below the user’s specification. Alerts for abnormal sound levels and camera tampering are other useful features included with the Cannon IP’s.

As with any business a good theater knows that the welfare of their property, audience, and performers goes hand in hand with success. Whether it’s a house of 3,000 or a 200 seats space there’s a solution for every need that can keep everyone safe and enjoying the show.

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