Video Storage Solutions for HD Cameras

With high-definition resolutions becoming the new standard of quality for security cameras, storage solution upgrades are required to accommodate greater bandwidth needs, and processing these demands. An integrated server, storage and workstation are becoming the new standard. A cohesive storage system provides better support for higher camera counts, resolutions, access control integration and more intuitive and powerful user interfaces, and multiple analytic functions. It is crucial that purpose-built IP solutions are optimized for its video applications. High input/output capabilities rely on a server configuration that includes memory, storage and processor specifications that ensure optimum scalability for video. Security camera servers should have the capacity to adapt to future growth including the ability to record higher frame rates, thus requiring faster processing speeds.

An often overlooked component of a security system is the client viewing station. The server should be built depending on the current amount of cameras, if your running video analytics or not, the amount of mega pixels per camera and the possibility for future growth. If you are only viewing eight 1.3 mega pixel cameras then a client viewing station may not be a requirement. On the other hand if you are viewing twenty 1.3 mega pixel cameras then a server or high end computer is necessary to view these cameras.

A good security system that is purpose-built will feature higher-level cooling systems, 450 watt and greater power supplies, dual Ethernet adapters, server-grade processors and expanded display capabilities.

This information was quoted from the article "Video Storage Solutions" from Tom Larson, Director of Global Accounts for BCD Video, at Security Info Watch.